GPMLx9332-PX V3, LoRa Module, US915

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GPMLx9332-PX V3 LoRa modules are developed based on digital baseband chip sx1302, adopt the mechanical definition of mini PCIe interface and provide SPI interface.

The module can be applied to LoRa/LoRaWAN Gateway and Lora autonomous network gateway, and can also be used to develop Lora network analysis tools and learn autonomous network. Compared with the previous generation products, sx1302 has lower power consumption, larger data throughput and better cost.


Free warranty

If this accessory in your P100 gateway is faulty, please contact the after-sales . After verification by the technician, we will repair or replace it for you free of charge during the warranty period.

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[Attachment]GPMLx9332-PX V3 LoRa modules Datasheet